Create your own mobile engagement app with CompassAE

CompassAE includes a rich starting point and APIs to allow you to create a branded mobile experience for your patients and members.

How it works

  • Use the starter app to track tasks, send secure messages, get alerts and access content.
  • Use the CompassAE App Composer to tweak the app to your needs without coding.
  • If you like to code, drop down to the next level and add your own functionality by accessing CompassAE's rich set of APIs.
Connecting people makes all the difference.

Works on all devices


The MyMG app provides Myasthenia Gravis patients and their families and providers to track Quality of Live (QOL) and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) metrics as well as keep notes and view up-to-date black box warnings. It has been translated into multiple languages and is used all around the world.

Answering survey questions.

Viewing survey results.

Tracking statistics.