Why we built CompassAE

Posted: May 11, 2015 16:45
Topics: CompassAE, architecture

It's a fair question. There are many tools out there in the tech landscape that could be compared to Compass Agile Enterprise in one way or another. So why CompassAE? Why this particular set of features?

The simplest way to answer is:  As a technology team operating today, we are often asked to make a variety fo things work well, or work well together.

We get requests all the time that start out like:

  • We need a (better) website
  • I want a mobile app
  • I have to copy users/sales/payments between my CRM/website/accounting system
...and various permutations of these.

During our various past dealings, we'd built enormous, expensive...but mostly integrated systems for large companies, and we thought with a combination of the cloud and dynamic programming environments, we could build something accessible to a much wider audience. We thought we could make something easier to approach, cleaner and simpler to use and more empowering when it comes to innovation, which is our favorite part of the puzzle.

Meeting that challenge is our ambition for Compass Agile Enterprise.

A New Kind of ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP systems are the big business-oriented platforms that many companies use to automate various processes. Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) is one kind of business system familiar to many people, but there are also Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Commerce, Accounting and...you get the idea.

Thanks to the cloud, lots of small and not-so-small businesses can and do sign up for online salesforce automation, customer service and accounting systems, but it's always a challenge to piece together a complete business platform from these services together with things developed internally or running on local computers.

"I need a website"

Early websites were like fancy Yellow Pages listings. They let people know about your business, but they didn't do much to serve as an integral part of your business beyond helping customers find you. Of course that's changed pretty dramatically now with online commerce and shopping cart applications and even form-builders that let you gather information from customers and engage them in interactions via the web and mobile.

But how to make all that work together?

Customers who sign up via your website, buy your products and then want service, should already exist in your customer service-oriented applications. Adding customers or products to your online store should add them to the accounting system. The large ERP systems like SAP and Oracle can do this, but they are complicated and expensive. 

Your special sauce

Lastly, the coolest part of your business is the part that's unique to you. So to really change the game, we had to make something that allows you to invent, innovate, and even incubate a new business or idea. So the perfect platform gives you an integrated suite of applications for the common tasks performed by all or most businesses, but it also includes a way to build something that's uniquely yours...AND that's integrated with the rest.

That's Compass Agile Enterprise, and it's tremendously empowering. We help businesses organize their existing functions and innovate new ideas - we love that we get to be part of that process and it's why we're in business.

...and doing that better than anyone else is what Compass Agile Enterprise is all about.



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